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In the entire wedding preparation process, the wedding venue is undoubtedly very important. Many new couples have certain presets and expectations for their wedding from the beginning. If they don't find the venue they like, they will always feel a little regretful. The selection of a wedding venue is also a difficult task. We have to consider a variety of factors.

Star Hotels

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Star-rated hotels, especially those above four-star, have luxurious equipment and large banquet hall options. At the same time, the service personnel have also undergone professional training, so that guests can not only get high-level material enjoyment, but also good spiritual enjoyment. But at the same time the cost is relatively high. Compared with general restaurants, the banquet halls of star-rated hotels have larger venues and more complete infrastructure, which can deduce various wedding styles when setting up wedding scenes.

Country House

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The privacy of suburban villas or resorts is generally better, and the overall environment is elegant and full of personality. There is generally a lawn in the courtyard. Different forms such as indoor lawn weddings or outdoor wedding parties can be considered, which are the preferences of many young people. In addition, choosing to hold a wedding in a suburban villa should take into account issues such as outsourcing of catering, guest accommodation and transportation, so the scale of the wedding is relatively small.